1. Ensure the WAN cable is securely attached to the port. Wait for the LED to turn solid white, indicating the miner is on.

2. Turn off your mobile data before connecting to the 'Roam-OpenRoaming' and 'Roam-Private' networks.

3. Check your internet connection by opening the following webpages:

If the page opens without time-out (even if they appear blank), the miner is working properly.

4. Keep the device powered on and connected to a stable internet connection for at least 30 minutes to ensure the Miner can upgrade necessary software if needed. Check if your firmware is updated to the latest version.

5. Check the IP configuration on the configuration page (default address:, and ensure that your upstream gateway IP is different from the Roam Miner's LAN address. You may adjust the LAN address to other numbers. We highly recommend setting it to ‘192.168. [two random numbers].1’.

6. If issues persist, contact the admin team for support via email:, Telegram ( or Discord ( Kindly include a screenshot of your configuration page, LAN settings page, and your miner’s serial number.