Roam Baker MAX30


Roam Baker MAX30


Roam Baker MAX30


Access Point

Roam Baker MAX30

Your Whole-Home WiFi Solution



The Roam Baker MAX30

The Roam Baker MAX30 is your ultimate WiFi solution tailored for locations demanding extensive coverage, delivering high-speed, reliable, and secure internet connectivity.

WiFi 6 Technology

Transform your network with WiFi 6, providing a signal that's nearly 2X stronger than WiFi 5, along with lower latency and high capacity.

Secure Network

With a built-in security chip, security level CC EAL 6+, and TPM, the Roam Baker MAX30 ensures robust protection against cyber threats, enhancing your network security.

High Coverage

The Access Point offers wider coverage and stronger penetration, providing high-speed network access over an area of 150㎡ with speeds up to 3000 Mbps.

Roam Baker MAX30

Elegant Design and Space Saving

Roam Baker MAX30 is designed to perfectly blend into any modern place. Mount it on the ceiling or wall to add a stylish touch to your space while optimizing your network performance.

Power Up Your Space with AP

Ideal for environments requiring high-performance WiFi


Provide reliable connections at every corner of your house. Enjoy vivid 4K/8K streaming and immersive online gaming.


Support 200+ devices at the same time. Enhanced data transmission within the coverage area ensures swift and uninterrupted WiFi connectivity for all your office requirements.

Shopping Mall and Hotel

Covering up to 150 square meters, customers can enjoy top-notch WiFi speed and stability while moving around the area.