WiFi Router Miner

Roam Rainier MAX60

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Mining Capabilities

Earn Rewards Through Rainier MAX60 WiFi Router Miner

Seamless Mining

Rainier MAX60 supports OpenRoaming, enabling users to seamlessly and securely connect to Wi-Fi networks while mining Roam Points.

High-Yield Roam Points

Miner owners can accumulate up to 150 Roam Points daily from other users checking in to your WiFi spot.

Stable Daily Mining

Roam hosts can consistently collect 60 Roam Points per day, ensuring stable mining operations.

Miner Airdrop Bonus

Enjoy an exclusive 3,000 Roam Points airdrop bonus when activating your new miner on the network.

Ultra Connectivity

Next-Level Wireless Performance

WiFi 6 Speed

Experience up to 9.6Gbps data transfer rates - nearly 3x faster than WiFi 5's 3.5Gbps for reduced bandwidth congestion.

Uninterrupted Roaming

Your home devices can automatically transition between multiple access points and mesh nodes if the connection is interrupted.

Massive WiFi Capacity

The Roam miner supports 200+ simultaneous device connections across 150 square meters.

Unparalleled Security

Advanced Tech Shields Safeguarding Your Online Experience
Hardware Rooted Protection
Safeguard your data and privacy utilizing a built-in confidential commuting security chip, CC EAL 6+ security level.
Transform your digital identity into a unique and secure, biometric-like credential using decentralized ID for authentication.
Support WPA2 uses 802.1X authentication, which provides an extra layer of security for a network.

Easy Setup and Control

Universal Setup and Control

Effortless Setup

Access your network from anywhere with a simple setup that lets you view and prioritize connected devices to the WiFi.

Universal Compatibility

Rainier MAX 60 is compatible with all internet service providers, ensuring seamless connectivity regardless of your provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to replace my router to use it?
No, You don’t have to change your router to use it.
Roam comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Should your device meet the terms of the warranty, we will send out new units for replacement.
Buyers are responsible for duties and taxes. The amounts vary by country and by type of product. We recommend that you check with your country’s customs office for more information.
You’ll receive your tracking number via email once the products have been dispatched. Please keep in mind that the specific delivery time may vary based on your shipping address and the courier service.
We offer worldwide shipping.
If your Roam Miner is experiencing connectivity issues, please check the troubleshooting guide to resolve the problem.